8 Things Your Electrician Wants You to Know in York, PA

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Electrical services are present in almost every home to some degree. There will be an issue with your electrical system sooner than you think. Here are some facts that your electrician might want you to know, regardless of whether you are looking for a way to add a light bulb or run rough electricity for an extension.

Here are the top 8 things your electrician in York, PA, wants you to know:


Dead Electrical Outlet

When you find an outlet that has no power, don’t panic. It is not difficult to determine what the problem is at the electrical outlet. But it is crucial to approach this methodically, following standard practices of safety and proper wiring procedures. With some simple tests, you can tell whether the outlet has lost its power due to a problem inside or outside of your home.

Electrical warning signs

An electrician will tell you not to ignore warning signs that your electrical system may be in trouble. Whether it is a clicking sound from an outlet or a hot light switch. It is important to take any electrical problem seriously.

Most electrical problems can be fixed quickly, provided they do not become a problem or worsen over time. Electrical problems are a critical step in preventing home fires.

GFCI Outlets

The most common service calls electricians to receive are those regarding bathroom circuits. Ground fault circuit interrupts (GFCI), are required for all outlets located within 6 feet of a water source. Your electrician will remind you that a single GFCI protects all other circuits downstream.

Inspecting Your Power Outlets

When you come across a dead electric outlet, ask yourself these questions:

  1. Are any switches or circuit breakers turned off? Is a fuse blown? Or perhaps a GFI (Ground Fault Interrupt) switch tripped?
  2. Are any extension cords plugged into the receptacle that may have gotten turned off?
  3. Do any GFCIs (Ground Fault Circuit Interrupt) appear to be tripped or broken?

If you can answer no to all of these questions and the outlet is not labeled as a GFCI, then your outlet is dead and should be replaced.

Overhead Power Lines

When you think of a power line, a good person to talk to would be a professional electrician because they have been working on them for some time and know-how dangerous the high voltage lines can be. Overhead Power Lines are Live! Even if your power is turned off, electricity is still sent through its wires and cables.

In some cases, if the main power is off from the breaker box, then there will be no electricity going through that area of town, but some homes and businesses might still have electricity. Is it safe?

Ask an electrician about that! They would tell you that there might be a small charge left in some electrical items such as a clock, stove, refrigerator, etc. Electricians deal with Electric Shocks and Electric Burns all the time because of this!

A majority of overhead power lines are not safe for climbing on or underneath. There can be dangerous voltage surges that will cause harm to people or animals if they touch it or come into contact with it! If something is broken and needs to be fixed, use a professional electrician who knows what to look out for and how to keep themselves safe while fixing the problem. Licensed Electricians are trained to know what to do when working around live power lines, so they do not get hurt!

Electrical Writing Type

Electricians often install color-coded electrical wiring in buildings. One typical color scheme is for live wires to be black and neutral wires to be white. White is not always neutral, and black is not always live.

Some might say that this is contrary to best practices. However, the DM Electric team knows that a home electrical system can be large and complicated. It may have been worked on previously by contractors or electricians, some of whom may not have been licensed professionals.

This means you might find a confusing nest of wires, wire tape, and wire nuts when you open an electrical outlet. Get in touch with the DM Electric team to ensure that the job gets done correctly.

Low Voltage Safety

Low voltage does not necessarily mean that there is no danger! Children should heed this warning as they often lack the understanding and caution adults possess regarding electrical hazards. Even the most harmless-looking appliance could pose a potential risk for kids because their smaller size makes them more susceptible to shocks.

Many people think that Electricians who work on home wiring use the same methods as those who work on industrial wiring, but this is not always the case. Residential wiring is much simpler than an industrial wire system, and low voltage Electricians should fix it without any problems at all. Homes have circuit breakers instead of fuses which can protect against overloads. The circuit breaker will prevent fires if there are short circuits in your house. Fuses do not offer any protection from electrical fires, but they do serve as an indicator of excessive current flow.

Three-slot Receptacles

Installing a three-slot receptacle without a ground wire is more complicated than you might think. Most of the time, installing an electrical device outside your home requires at least three wires: one line wire, one neutral wire, and one grounding conductor. But sometimes you need something slightly different.

What if you have to use two wires to power up an electrical device? What if it has no additional safety measures and does not become energized by accident?

Electricians use equipment with internal bonding. This bonding connects the metal parts in the device through a grounding conductor. Electricians still have to follow all safety rules when installing one of these devices, even though an additional ground wire is not present!

Electricians at DM Electric in York, PA, ensure your home has electrical equipment that is safe and working properly for optimal efficiency. Electricians can be helpful when you encounter problems with your electric systems at home. Whether it is a new system or if it is fixing an existing one. DM Electric is the right place to contact. Electricians can help you explore different options and guide you accordingly.

We look forward to assisting you with your residential, commercial, and industrial electrical needs. Please, contact us on the web or call us at 717-650-1522.

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