Commercial Light Pole Repair and Maintenance in York, PA

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All commercial properties require adequate lighting for both practical reasons and the safety of their employees, residents, and customers. Commercial light poles will provide that much-needed lighting whether you own a restaurant or manage a large apartment complex.

Once the lights are installed, it is necessary to have regular commercial light pole repair and maintenance, and someone will always be available to receive your calls and promptly address your needs.

That is why you need to choose the most trusted commercial light pole repair and maintenance company in York, PA.

Why are We the Most Trusted Commercial Light Pole Repair and Maintenance Company in York, PA?

We have worked incredibly hard, at commercial light pole repair and maintenance, with over 35 years of experience in York, PA to establish our reputation of being trustworthy and dependable.

By working with the community of York, PA, and surrounding areas, we have found that if we stick to our core principles, our customers are always satisfied, and feel comfortable returning to us for all electrical needs. No matter how big or small the project is.

By following these three basic core principles, we have established long-term working relationships with the many commercial properties throughout the greater York, PA region.

Those principles are punctuality, honesty, and experience.

  • Punctuality: We promise to provide timely and thorough service any time, day, or night. Our team will be on time to scheduled maintenance and repairs and become available to you in the event of an emergency.
  • Honesty: We provide free estimates with upfront pricing on all of our electrical services. There are no hidden fees, and if we encounter an issue that may cost you additional, we always will keep you informed every step of the way and act only with your complete approval.
  • Experience: With over 35 years of experience, we focus on getting the job done right and to the customer’s satisfaction. Not only is our company well-established and experienced, but our electricians are as well. We only hire the best, most experienced, certified electricians.

What Services Do We Provide for Commercial Light Pole Repair and Maintenance in York, PA?

We provide numerous different types of services for your commercial light repair and maintenance. Essentially, any issue that arises or any aspect related to your commercial light poles will be 100% serviced by us promptly and with fair pricing.

Below is a small sample of some of the services we will be more than happy to provide to you.

  • Light Bulb Replacement: One of the easiest and most common service types is a light bulb replacement for your commercial light poles. Anytime you notice one of your bulbs has burned out, give us a call, and someone will be there shortly to replace the bulb.
  • Dead Ballast: Ballasts are used to regulate the amount of electrical current flowing to your light bulbs. Though ballasts are designed to last an incredibly long time, they can still burn out from time to time. Again, a simple phone call and we will be at your service in no time at all.
  • Faulty Capacitor: A capacitor is designed to store electrical charge and block direct current while allowing alternating current to pass through your light pole. The capacitor is there to stabilize voltage and overall power flow. If you notice a light that begins to flicker, then you may need us to come out and inspect the capacitor.
  • Faulty Photocells: The photocell on your light poles serve the purpose of monitoring how much light is present. Once the sun begins to set and the overall light begins to diminish, the photocell will trigger the light to turn on once lighting conditions reach a certain level. If your light turns on during the day or also flickers, it could be a sign that we need to inspect your light’s photocell.

What Types of Properties Do We Service for Light Pole Repair and Maintenance?

There are no light pole issues that we cannot assist you with. Remember, we are available day and night, 7-days a week, for all your commercial light pole repair and maintenance in York, PA, and its surrounding areas.

We service all commercial property types. Here is just a small sample of some of the properties we service in York, PA.

  • Large Apartment Buildings and Apartment Complexes.
  • Retail Stores.
  • Office Buildings.
  • Schools and Universities.
  • Shopping Malls and Shopping Centers.
  • Parking Lots.

Ready to Secure a Trusted Provider of Commercial Light Pole Repair and Maintenance in York, PA?

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