Electric Generator Installation in York PA

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Having a backup generator installed on your property is a wise investment that could potentially save you in many ways during a time of crisis. It does not matter if you run a giant industrial complex, a commercial office space, or if you want a backup power supply for your home. We can help you with an electric generator installation in York, PA.

Sometimes power outages are not local, and they are out of our hands, as well as yours. If your electrical system is running perfectly and then a transformer miles away blows or bad weather takes down power lines, and now you have no electricity flowing to your property from the grid.

There is no telling when your home or business may be up and running again with electricity. That is why having a generator on the property will allow you to relax and know that you can power the essentials of your home and business.

Why Are We the Most Trusted Electrical Generator Installation Company in York, PA?

We are the most trusted electrical generator installation company in York, PA, and are the most experienced, the most reliable, and are always open and honest with all of our clients.

We are reliable by keeping communication open and always answering your emails and phone calls. If we can’t answer, we will return your phone call as soon as possible. If it is an emergency, we have a designated phone number that you may use to contact our emergency response team 24 hours a day, 7-days a week.

We are honest, our quotes are transparent, and every line item is explained in detail. No hidden fees and no unexpected charges will appear that we never discussed.

And, we are the most experienced because our electricians have been doing electrical generator installations in York, PA for over 50 years.

What Are the Benefits of Having an Electrical Generator Installed?

In the event of a weather emergency or an event that causes the wider electric grid to go down for some time, there are many reasons you will want a backup generator to kick in to supply your property with electricity.

If you have an industrial complex with a large number of employees, you should, at a minimum, have a generator system that can kick on to power an emergency lighting system to keep your employees safe and out of the dark. The lighting will be necessary to allow your employees to gather at a designated emergency area without injury due to being unable to see obstacles or ladders, etc.

Both for an industrial complex and a commercial area, it may be wise to have the generator kick in to keep your IT infrastructure running as well, along with the emergency lighting, to keep you from losing important data.

For your home, you may want to have your lights run from your backup generator along with some home appliances like your refrigerator and freezer to keep food from spoiling. And also to keep your home heating and cooling system from being exposed to the outside elements.

When the power goes out due to bad weather, it may only be a few short hours before the power flows again, but sometimes we have seen it can be days. Rest easy and know your employees, coworkers, and family will be safe in the event of an untimely emergency.

What is the Process of an Electrical Generator Installation?

The process for installing an electrical generator on your property is uncomplicated and effortless on your part.

  • First, we will send a certified electrician to your location to evaluate your property to determine the size of the generator you need, your current and future power needs, and the location of your installation.
  • Second, we create a proposal and a bid detailing for you all the costs and our intended course of action.
  • Once agreed upon, we will apply for any necessary building permits or request approval from your home owner’s association if you have one.
  • Next, we order the generator.
  • Then, we lay cement or a composite pad on your property to house the generator.
  • Next, we install the fuel line.
  • The last steps include a final inspection and training you on everything you need to know about operating your generator.

Never forget, we will always be there for you if you have any questions or concerns. Also, we can provide regular maintenance, and we will always respond in the event, of an emergency.

Ready to Secure a Trusted Electric Generator Installation in York, PA?

If you want to contact us at DM Electric for a free quote, we have the following options for you:

  • You can call us directly at 717-650-1522 to discuss any of your electrical needs.
  • Visit our website to see more information about our services.
  • Email us at electricians@dmelectricco.com to request a free bid.
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