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If you have been searching around for electrical contractors in York PA that can assist you you’re your residential or commercial property, then DM Electric is a great company to check out. As one of the best electricians in York PA, we are committed to helping commercial properties to fall in line with electrical building codes so that you can operate safely and legally. Let us break down what sort of residential or commercial services that professional electricians offer.

Maintenance & Troubleshooting

Are you experiencing issues with an existing electrical system, you might not feel safe troubleshooting issues on your own? Due to the nature of electricity, it can be dangerous to try and fix things on your own. Do yourself a favor. Give the best electricians in York PA a call and we will handle your maintenance troubleshooting at an affordable price that will also keep you safe from potential harm.

Electrical Panel Upgrades/Expansion

The breaker panel is where all the electrical wires in your property collide to function properly. It is where you can switch different lines on and off easily. If the panel starts to decline in physical shape, it can be very dangerous to keep around. Electrical Contractors in York PA such as the folks at DM Electric can help you either expand or upgrade your panel if either of these services is necessary.

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Parking Lot Services

Parking lots are one of the most common areas to have relatively complex electrical systems. This can help you do things like light up parking spaces. If wires start to decline in shape, the lights may stop functioning properly. If you need to set up electrical wiring or fix existing systems in a parking lot, good York, PA electricians are at your service!

Bids for Large or Small Jobs

One of the most common calls that we receive here as electricians in York, PA is from those who are inquiring about our prices. Whether you have a small or large job, you can call us with the confidence that we will take your work seriously and offer you a fair quote.


If you have a newly build home or commercial property, you might consider hiring an electrician for a design-build project. This is a process where we not only install the electrical services for you but also come up with a design for it. This can help you as the owner reduce the risk of not meeting building codes, having poorly installed wiring, and so on!

Lighting Upgrades

If you want to put in new lighting on your residential or commercial property, you may or may not have the proper electrical wiring system installed or wiring that is local electrical code compliant. Whether you want to check to make sure that your wiring is up to date or to install a new one, give us a call. At the minimum, an electrician in York, PA can come over to tell you that your wiring system is ready for your lighting upgrade!

Bucket Truck & Lift Services

Having a bucket truck involves installing a separate electrical service so that your truck can handle the power necessities for this sort of rig. Whether you want to install this sort of service on your truck or to improve your current electrical system, the best electrical contractor in York, PA can help you out. Give us a call to get an exact quote for bucket truck and lift services.

Generators & Transfer Switches

As one of the top-tier electrical contractors in York PA, we handle all sorts of commercial electrical jobs. Whether you need help with generators and/or transfer switches in your residential or commercial property, you should count on one of the best electricians in York PA! We can help you out with things like these swiftly and professionally.

Electrical Systems Upgrade for Commercial Retail Locations

If you have an existing electrical system that needs to be updated in a retail store, we understand your concern. As a store owner, it is important to stay up-to-date with the latest electrical technology and also ensuring that your system is safe for decades and decades of use.

Electrical Upgrades for Commercial Business

If you have a commercial business with things like office cubicles, break rooms, meeting rooms, and so on, you will typically have a different set of needs from your electrical work than somebody who owns a retail store. Call us to explain what kind of problem you are experiencing with your business location so that our specialist can determine what course of action might be best for you to take.

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